Thursday, November 5, 2015

good morning.

I love bread. It's so simple, yet so versatile. 

In the morning when I don't have time to eat, or if I'm too lazy to prepare a full breakfast for just me when John has gone to work, I’ll grab a slice of bread. Sometimes I add peanut butter and a little bit of honey. We did that a lot the first two weeks when we didn't have a refrigerator! 

Another favorite is avocado toast. I mash avocado with a little bit of mayo, some salt & pepper, and Sriracha. Spread it over toast and you're set! 

When I'm even lazier or just want a little snack, my go to is cheese. This sounds like a weird combo, but toast with butter, jam, and cheese brings me back to mornings in Bisserup, Denmark. I would go with my Danish best friend to visit her parents. There would be fresh baked bread we would slice and toast, homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, and some kind of stinky cheese that was delivered to the house by the cheese man who arrives in a little delivery truck full of cheese and a few bottles of wine. 

This combination hasn't made its way to America that I know of. I was with my American best friend having an English muffin with some butter and jam at her mom's house. I asked them if they had any cheese to go with my toast, and they both made a face at me. I settled for mozzarella string cheese, but it made me miss living in Berlin when I would take the train to my best friends' house for breakfast where there was always toast and an abundance of cheese! 

Australian best friend introduced me to Vegemite and I like it! It goes well with cheese because it balances the saltiness from the Vegemite. In Berlin, where we all lived, we would eat our toast with Emmentaler cheese. 

Unfortunately I have not found the equivalent of Emmentaler cheese in any American grocery store. Although it's a Swiss cheese, the ones from the stores are not from Emmental. I definitely do need more cheese in my life though! I have a large deli drawer ready to be dedicated to cheeses! 

This is just a small slice (hehehe) of things that I like to eat with bread! So many wonderful things I love about bread and one day I will tackle my fear of baking my own loaves. 


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