Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Last week was forecast to rain all week, but it's LA, so it only rained for two days. Two days straight, so that's basically the same thing to most Angelenos. I even bought rain boots which I now realize is the opposite of washing your car. You wash your car, it rains. You buy rain boots, it doesn't rain. Cool. 

When John and I were living in Venice (California), we would treat ourselves to ramen whenever it rained. We had a few options close to where we lived. Santouka inside Mitsuwa was down the street, Ramen Yamadaya opened within the last year we were living there, and Sawtelle Japantown was a short drive with a lot of noodle options. In Berlin, we only went to Cocolo. Luckily Cocolo was legit, and it was a short train ride away. Unfortunately we would forget they weren't open for lunch on Sundays a few times.

So now that we're back in Los Angeles, we are only a 20 minute drive from Torrance where we have good selection of ramen, a further drive we have Little Tokyo in downtown LA, and Sawtelle Japantown. I need to make a checklist or take some recommendations! I need to do this for all foods actually.

Ramen from Daikokuya
The broth was fattier which made it really thick. I haven't formed a solid opinion yet if I like it or not. 

Ramen from Hakata Ikkoushi. 
Simple menu, and they give you an order sheet to check off what you want.

This will probably be one of MANY posts about ramen. You can also expect lots of posts on a variety of noodles because I am always craving noodles! And you should write about what you love right?