Friday, October 30, 2015

first post.

Oh boy...

You know that feeling when you have a great idea, and you have to see it to the end? That is the idea that is this food blog. I've been wanting to make one for awhile because everyone knows how much I love to talk about food, write about food, cook the food, and of course EAT THE FOOD.

So that's what this will be. A blog dedicated to food. Mainly I want to talk about recipes I've made from recipes I've found online, and write about any tips or advice I have to make the recipe easier to make. I know a lot of people who are beginner cooks, and I want to make this process fun and easy for everyone!

I just wish I didn't have this idea late in the excuse me if you've stumbled upon this from Instagram hoping for a well thought out blog filled with recipes and photos.

You can hop over to some recipes I've written about in my other blog dedicated to my married life here--> click me please.

Please be patient, and I promise I will have you cooking in the kitchen and impressing all your friends & family in no time!